Mural Oasis

Last month, DOES was one of 16 artists to touch down in Nevada for the second installment of the yet-to-be-unveiled Mural Oasis project. Finding himself in the Mojave Desert, on the California/ Nevada border, DOES had a mission to paint four murals, covering 140+ square metres, over the course of his 12 days on-site. Today we get a sneaky look at his first wall.

“The video is about the process and work in progress of my first mural in Primm for Mural Oasis project, close to Las Vegas.”

“To create art on such a large scale with so many great artists, in a shopping mall, in the middle of the desert, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas seems unreal. But it was all true, we were all really there. We worked long hours and had an amazing time.”

“Wall one goes back to my memories of the summer holiday I had just spent with my family in the Ardeche, France. Although I prepare my designs and create detailed sketches before I go on a trip, final choices for coloring and detailing are always defined by the environment and atmosphere of the places that I visit and immerse myself in.” –DOES

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